…every now and then it makes you want to scream. Take commenting out code. I always find the hash # sign the easiest to use (saves having to remember which way round to get the star and slash let alone which slash it is in the first place). Search your Mac keyboard – can you find it? If you can you’ve not got the same one I have! Luckily I can now remember it; Alt 3. Yippy!

Then today I was having trouble with a payment screen and wanted to email a screen print to their support people. Print Screen, where is it? It tells its own story when google’s top autofill for “print ” is “print screen mac”! Though feel free to feel lucky – the top choice link was excellent and not only gives you screen capture (cmd shift 3) but the ability to capture a small section window using mouse drag (cmd shift 4) – this is thee one I used – but also claims you can choose a window to capture if you hit the space bar after the cmd shift 4 technique! Job done!